April 17, 2012
The Pride of Peru: Orlando Trejo

Orlando Trejo is on a mission to prove that Latin American competitors are among the fittest in the world. So far, he has been successful. At the end of the Open, the 23-year-old had taken 5th in the world.

The former Olympic lifter has come a long way since his debut at the 2011 Latin America Regional where he finished 2nd overall, missing the one and only berth from the Latin America Regional to the Games. Last year, Trejo was competitive in his region, but not the world. His worst performance, 10:42 on the deadlift/box jump workout, was more than seven minutes behind Jason Hoggan of the Mid Atlantic (3:34). 

If the Open is any indicator, Trejo has developed his engine so that he can better withstand metabolically crushing workouts (139 burpees on 12.1). 

In this video, we meet Trejo and hear about why he has devoted his time to CrossFit.