February 28, 2012
Pat Burke's New Approach

Four-time CrossFit Games competitor (24th in 2008, 8th in 2009, 7th in 2010,13th in 2011), Patrick Burke, is different in 2012.

He's now the father of a four-month-old baby girl. "It's definitely a lot harder now," Burke says, "Diet is what it is. Training is what it is. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's not so great."

Shifted priorities do have their upsides. Fatherhood, Burke says, "Makes me really appreciate the times I get to train good and it allows me to have fun."

Like Tommy Hackenbruck, Burke wants to enjoy the Games Season again.

"Last year I probably put more stress on myself than any other year," Burke says, "I realized after last year that that's not how I like to operate."

"I'm going in all different this year. If I make it to the Games that's great, but I'm not even focusing on that. I just want to come out and do my best ... I really want to have a good time."