January 20, 2023
Noah Ohlsen Plans to Enjoy His Final Season

“I would love to win the CrossFit Games — that’s all that I’ve been pursuing for the last 10 years, but I really want to do my best not to let that dictate what my memories of this final season are.”


After nearly a decade of pursuing the title of Fittest Man on Earth, CrossFit Games athlete Noah Ohlsen has every intention of enjoying his last season as an individual competitor.

Like many, physical strength was a weakness for Ohlsen when he first started CrossFit. But after years of focusing on his training and nutrition, he became fitter, qualifying for the Games nine consecutive times. 

Although winning the Games “would be an amazing thing to look back on” in his final act, Ohlsen’s goal is to enjoy this year and leave behind a lasting impression.

“I think having a legacy of being someone that had a positive impact was really special — I would hope that that side of me is more impactful than whatever my placement was.”


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