January 16, 2023
Kara Saunders Wins Squat Clean Pyramid — 2016 CrossFit Games

Throwback to when Kara Saunders, formerly Webb, won the Squat Clean Pyramid at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

Jamie Hagiya set the time to beat in Squat Clean Pyramid — a descending rep scheme of squat cleans that got heavier with each set. 

Women in the final heat were gunning for the win — including Kara Saunders who set a worldwide record in a similar event at the 2016 Pacific Regional. 

Watch Saunders put on a show in a demonstration of strength.


Squat Clean Pyramid
For time:
10 squat cleans (245/165 lb), by 2:00
8 squat cleans (265/180 lb), by 4:00
6 squat cleans (285/195 lb), by 6:00
4 squat cleans (305/205 lb), by 8:00
2 squat cleans (325/215 lb), by 11:00