July 19, 2013
Just Pick Up the Barbell: Wes Piatt

After being told by Dave Castro that he qualified for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games after a tiebreaker, an emotional Wes Piatt struggled to find the words to express his happiness. 

Weeks later, Piatt is still emotional. "It was like going from the lowest of the low where you're like, 'Oh, damn, missed it,' by that much, to winning the lottery," he says of qualifying for his first-ever CrossFit Games. "You go through that range of emotions and now you're at the highest of the high."

After the SoCal Regional, Piatt, his wife and their dogs moved from San Luis Obispo, Calif., to Gilroy, Calif., to open an affiliate. The multi-year competitor says the only way he can screw up at the Games is to not do the work.

"As long as I'm picking up the barbell when I don't want to pick it up, as long as I'm running when I want to walk, as long as I'm crawling when I want to stop ... as long as I'm doing a rope climb when I don't want to rope climb, I'm stoked. Whatever happens from there, whatever place I get, it's all gravy from there."

Video by Jay Vera.