March 4, 2021
Introducing the Occupational Games

We’re now just six days out from the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Open! The worldwide competition unites hundreds of thousands of athletes each year through camaraderie and community. For three weeks, we’ll challenge ourselves and others in our gyms and our homes to be better than we were yesterday. 

While many different types of athletes take part each year, this year we want to focus special attention on several communities of athletes who share the same jobs. In the past, for example, we  had more than 6,000 physicians and nurses participate in the 2020 Open, and more than 11,000 schoolteachers took part in 2019, each a group large enough for a major competition on its own.

Enter: The Occupational Games

In 2021, the CrossFit Games season will feature a new competition: the online Occupational Games. 

This multi-day competition will take place after the conclusion of the Open from May 6-10 and will coincide with the Age-Group Online Qualifier, featuring the same workout variations as the masters 35-54 age groups. Six professional groups are included in the inaugural Occupational Games: 

How to Qualify

To qualify for this brand new competition, you must first register for the 2021 Open and identify yourself with one of the above occupations on your athlete profile using the hashtags: #militaryservicemember, #lawenforcementofficer, #firefighter, #healthcare, #collegestudent, or #schoolteacher.  Please be sure to use the correct hashtag, so we can identify you for the competition and note that you must be active duty or currently working in your chosen field to join the Occupational Games. 

Need help? Use the Hashtag Wizard to add hashtags to your competition dashboard. 

At the end of three weeks of Open competition, the top 10 percent of each occupational group will be invited to compete in the online Occupational Games. Once athletes are registered for the Occupational Games, they will be listed on their own leaderboard titled “Service Occupations,”  which will be found in a dropdown from the official CrossFit Games leaderboard. The registration fee to participate will be US$50.

Get ready to vie for the title of Fittest Law Enforcement Officer or Fittest College Student on Earth. Earn bragging rights, and make your CrossFit Games season even more fun!

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