February 2, 2021
Dave Castro on the 2021 Season: Semifinals 101

In this three-part interview with CrossFit General Manager of Sport Dave Castro, we’ll learn about the format of the 2021 CrossFit Games season. CrossFit Games analyst Annie Sakamoto chats with Castro as they walk us through the multiple phases of the season step by step, addressing questions like, “What are Semifinals and the Last-Chance Qualifier?”, “What if an event can’t run due to COVID?”, “Why are continental boundaries so important?”, “How many athletes will go to the Last-Chance Qualifier?”, and more.

In the second segment, Sakamoto and Castro address the third and fourth stages of the season: the Semifinals and the Last-Chance Qualifier. 

Castro says the number of Semifinal events per continent was determined based on Open participation numbers. 

“A natural question,” he says, “is ‘How does (any given area) get more Semifinal events and more spots to the Games?’ The answer is simple: more participation.”

In 2021, athletes who narrowly miss Games qualification from the Semifinals will have a final shot to make it by way of the Last Chance Qualifier.

“Everyone who finishes just outside of a qualifying spot advances to the Last-Chance Qualifier, which will be online and give those athletes a chance to advance (to the Games),” Castro says. 

Use the links below to toggle through the video and have all your burning questions answered about the all new Semifinals and Last-Chance Qualifier. 

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00:00​ - Intro 

0:21​ - Are Semifinals the new Regionals?

3:09​ - How athlete representation and events are determined by continent.

5:17​ - How many Semifinal events are there? How many athletes qualify?

6:36​ - Athletes have a say in selecting their Semifinal event.

7:52​ - How many athletes qualify for the Games from each Semifinal?

9:11​ - Will there be more Semifinal events in the future?

10:48​ - What can we expect from Semifinals programming?

11:49​ - When will the venues for Semifinals be selected/announced?

12:27​ - What if a Semifinal can’t take place due to COVID?

14:54​ - What if an athlete can’t attend an event due to COVID?

14:55​ - What is the Last Chance Qualifier? 

18:42​ - Why are continental lines so important to Semifinals?

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