February 15, 2012
Comparison, Competition, and Fun: Tommy Hackenbruck

Three-time CrossFit Games competitor, Tommy Hackenbruck, has kept up his game as the field has grown.

He walked onto the Ranch in Aromas, California, in the summer of 2009 for his first CrossFit competition and ended the weekend in second place, behind Mikko Salo. The next year, in the Home Depot Center, Tommy finished in the Top 10. His third year, he maintained a respectable Top 25 finish. In total, he holds 2nd, 9th, and 23rd place across the 2009-2011 CrossFit Games.

In this video, the Ute CrossFit owner talks about his first CrossFit workout ("Murph"), getting into the competitive CrossFit sphere, and how his focus has changed over the years.

"The first year was curiosity and a competitive personality," Tommy says. "From day one I was competing against the clock and other guys, seeing how I did." He did all the Regional workouts to see how he'd stack up. The first year, competition was about comparison.

"The second year I had a really, really strong desire to win."

Now, he does it mostly for fun.

"It started as a curiosity and turned into an expectation. Now I'm really starting to enjoy it again."

His priorities for the 2012 Season? Get his top athletes--including 2011 South West Regional champ Taylor Richards-Lindsay--ready, step up his game, and have fun.