June 14, 2021
Brazil CrossFit Championship — Individual Event 4 Highlights

The 2021 Brazil CrossFit Championship is more than halfway through, with four events in the books. Which athlete will post the top score in Event 4?

Gui Malheiros🇧🇷, Nicolas Bidarte🇦🇷, Omar Martinez🇻🇪, Kaique Cerveny🇧🇷, Anderon Primo🇧🇷 and Agustin Richelme🇦🇷 square off in this barbell snatch matchup.

Then, Lari Cunha🇧🇷, Sasha Nievas🇦🇷, Victoria Campos🇧🇷, Amanda Fusuma🇧🇷, Luiza Dias🇧🇷, and Julia Kato🇧🇷 face off in the event.

After two days and four events, check out which athletes are leading the pack heading into the final day of competition.

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