April 25, 2013
Behind the Scenes of the CrossFit Games Open: Part 1

Countless hours went into producing the unveiling events for each of the five workouts of the CrossFit Games Open. In Part 1 of this series, take a look at everything that happened before Director of the Games Dave Castro finally broke the suspense and released the events during the live broadcasts.

Included are tidbits like the old-fashioned barber-shop shave before 13.2 with Castro, Games Head Judge Adrian Bozman and CrossFit Media’s Rory McKernan.

“Dave, my stress levels have gone down about 90 percent since I got here,” Bozman tells Castro as he sits in the barber’s chair.

Before the announcement of the final Open workout in Santa Cruz, Calif., 2008 Games champion Jason Khalipa sits between Castro and McKernan and feels a bit out of his league among the men in suits.

“You guys are kind of intimidating me right now,” Khalipa says with laughter. “I feel like I’m in Blue Brothers or somethin’ right now.”

Video by Jordan Gravatt.