May 1, 2023
Becky Harsh — Strong, Capable, Healthy

“Being part of Seminar Staff is the hardest I’ve ever worked to get a job and the hardest I’ve ever worked to keep a job. It matters because of the respect I have not only for CrossFit and its methodology but the people I get to work with. We raise each other up and we expect a lot from each other. It’s a constant state of sharpening the sword.”

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CrossFit Athlete Communications Manager Becky Harsh joins the show to explain her role, detail her path to becoming a part of the community and company, and express her love for all parts of the sport. 


Harsh completed her first CrossFit workout in 2006 at the suggestion of a trainer who worked for her when she was a personal-trainer manager at a gym. The unexpected experience of feeling “unfit” left the former high-level swimmer wanting to learn more. 

Eventually, Harsh found, took the Level 1 Certificate Course in 2007, and went on to take the Level 2 the following year. After years of volunteering as a judge at CrossFit events, Harsh was granted an internship to become part of the Seminar Staff, and just last year, she became a liaison between competitive athletes and CrossFit as the Athlete Communications Manager. 


In today’s episode, hear from Harsh as she describes the many hats she wears in her current role to help strengthen the communication and relationship between CrossFit and athletes. 

Also learn more about her CrossFit beginnings, her experience being coached by well-known CrossFit names like Greg Glassman and Nicole Carroll at her Level 1 and 2 courses, and her driving force for becoming more involved in the CrossFit space.  

In addition to being CrossFit’s Athlete Communications Manager, Harsh is also a wife, mother of two boys, a CrossFit Level 4 Coach, and a CrossFit Seminar Flowmaster. 


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