August 6, 2013
'A Beautiful Thing'

Since 2011, Lisa Long  and her daughter were hoping to both qualify for the CrossFit Games and experience the competition together. But life got in the way and Long went alone, finishing ninth in the 50-54 Masters division that year.

This year, however, was different.

Both mother and daughter competed at the Games.

“It’s heaven, a little slice of heaven,” Long says. “It is a beautiful thing to be here with her.”

Mom went home with a silver medal in the 55-59 Masters division and daughter, Rory Zambard, finished 14th overall among the individual women.

It’s been a long time coming as 55-year-old Long found CrossFit in 2005, bringing 14-year-old Rory along. CrossFit Rainier has been a great place to cultivate friendships, Long says, and was an ideal place for her teenager. Now Zambard is a member of CrossFit’s Level 1 Seminar Staff.

“That is one of the things that does make me cheerful is to have your child bloom into a beautiful, powerful woman,” Long says. “It makes me want to be like her and then she says she wants to be more like me, ya know. It’s a symmetry that’s unlike anything else.”

Video by Michael McCoy and Jeremy Podlog.