August 13, 2021
Amy Bream’s Fight for 1 More Rep in CrossFit Games Final

"Posting this so you can see me fail, multiple times. You can see me get the bar up, and hear the support I felt. You can see @iamprofithh85 do his thing and be the exact coach I needed, especially in the last 30 seconds of the event.

And hopefully, you can see from the emotion that this is more than about working out. Wherever you may read or watch this from…you don’t need to be " @CrossFit® ” to find your win. Believe you are capable. Fight for that belief. You are stronger than you think you are."

Amy Bream (IG/@onelegtostandon) was born with one leg. She started CrossFit in January around the announcement of the Adaptive Division at the CrossFit Games. After a few months, she qualified for the finals and competed in the women’s lower extremity division.

In the final event, she fought for every rep.

“This entire week, my coach @iamprofithh85 told me over and over, ‘you have to believe in yourself.’ You cannot do any of this unless you believe in yourself.’”

“Just finish.”

Bream took 5th in the division.

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