September 4, 2018
2018 CrossFit Games: Adaptive Athlete Event

Watch the badasses take the floor for the adaptive athlete event at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games.

Rich Pond - CrossFit For Glory, Tampa, Florida
Jedidiah Nelson - CrossFit Fireside, Boise, Idaho
Paula Celik - CrossFit AMRAP, Crystal Lake, Illinois
Kevin Ogar* - CrossFit WatchTower, Englewood, Colorado
Steph Hammerman - CrossFit HDF, Knightdale, North Carolina
Logan Aldridge* - Neuse River CrossFit, Raleigh, North Carolina

*CrossFit Seminar Staff member, Adaptive Training

The CrossFit Specialty Course: Adaptive Training is an interactive, single-day course designed to teach trainers and athletes how to make CrossFit accessible to impaired athletes. Participants will learn how to train athletes with a wide range of impairments, from non-permanent (trauma-, injury- or illness-related) to permanent (congenital disorders, combat trauma, automobile accidents, etc.). Learn more here.