May 26, 2012
Regional Report: North East Athletes Recover For Final Day
By Keka Schermerhorn

Event 4 had many athletes stopping for long breaks with only a few finishing the workout.

The heat and humidity — combined with the overwhelming physical demand of Event 4 — proved to be devastating for a number of athletes during Day 2 of the North East Regional.

Many of the men stopped mid-workout to rehydrate, taking longer than expected to get back to the barbell from their pull-ups. And in the case of Scott Paltos, who had the barbell too close to his throat during his front squats, blacked out and dropped to the floor.
Paltos took a moment to regroup and got the OK from the medics to get back on the bar.
Heat 4 saw a battle for first place between Daniel Tyminski and Austin Malleolo going rep for rep with each other, often moving in unison while at the pull-up bar. In the last 30 seconds, Tyminski gained some ground in the shoulder-to-overhead and finished 4 seconds ahead of Malleolo.
Spencer Hendel placed third in the Event, and says he felt like he accomplished what he needed to.
“I was never ahead in the heat. In the last set of pull-ups I was trying to do some small sets while Malleolo was taking some longer breaks. I got in my zone at the end, jogged back to the barbell and just got it overhead,” Hendel adds. “(The) day is over. Now (it’s) time to go home and relax so I can do well on the last day.”
Top three men overall at the end of Day 2 are Tyminski, Malleolo and David Charbonneau.
The women went three heats before anyone finished Event 4.
Kaleena Ladeairous was confident coming into the event.
“This really played to my endurance background, and I like squats,” she says. “The fact that the weights got lighter as the workout went on was great.”
Ladeairous wanted a good finish after “not doing so well” in Event 3. She completed the workout more than a minute faster than the only other two North East women who finished: Kelly Steadman and Bethany Hart.
Top three women overall at the end of Day 2 are Jenny Davis, Ladeairous and Alicia Gomes.
No Teams finished Event 4.
Leader CrossFit New England ran out of time with only 5 pull-ups remaining.
The team established its lead early with the help of multiple flawless pull-ups from Mel Ockerby. It was able to keep increasing its lead with each movement in the workout.
Ockerby describes herself as “the shoulders” of the team.
“Allyson Bushey did extra squats and I was prepared to stay on the bar longer, going into the pull-ups,” she says. “We play off of each others’ strengths.”
CFNE team members wanted to finish the workout but were happy enough with their performance.
Top three teams overall at the end of Day 2 are CFNE, CrossFit Southie and CrossFit Milford.