CrossFit-Sanctioned Competition List

October 21, 2018


Here is a list of the events that have been announced for the 2019 and 2020 seasons:

CrossFit-sanctioned competitions are replacing CrossFit's Regional events and will become a direct pathway for top men, women and team competitors to receive invitations to compete at the CrossFit Games. Here is a list of the events that have been announced for the 2019 and 2020 seasons:

2019 CrossFit Games Sanctioned Events

2020 CrossFit Games Sanctioned Events 

  • CrossFit West Coast Classic - San Diego, California - March 2020
  • Pandaland CrossFit Challenge - Sichuan Province - December 2019
  • SouthFit CrossFit Challenge - Buenos Aires, Argentina - December 2019

These newly sanctioned events expand the opportunities available to CrossFit competitors around the globe. Each newly sanctioned competition emerged from the CrossFit affiliate community.

"Each one exists to serve its community, not to make a quick buck," said CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman. "This is perfectly consistent with our vision for CrossFit competitions."

Going forward, teams are no longer required to share an affiliate or geographical location to qualify for the CrossFit Games team competition. CrossFit-sanctioned events are the only pathway for teams to compete at the CrossFit Games.

The CrossFit Games will return once more to Madison, Wisconsin, in the late summer of 2019. Participants in the individual Games competition will consist of: (1) national champions as determined by the CrossFit Open; (2) first-place, sanctioned-event winners; (3) the top 20 overall finishers in the CrossFit Open; and (4) four at-large athletes selected by CrossFit Inc.

CrossFit will continue to announce additional sanctioned events in the coming weeks. All changes to the CrossFit Games season will be codified and published in the official CrossFit Games Rulebook prior to the 2019 Open.

This article will be updated as events are released.

Cover image courtesy of the CrossFit French Throwdown and Frozen in Time By Laurent Wallard