October 22, 2020
Athlete Snapshot: Haley's Many Crowns
By CrossFit
That time Haley Adams took a line drive to the face ...
That time Haley Adams took a line drive to the face ...

A lot of 19-year-olds are just focused on being teenagers, but you seem to have laser focus.

Haley: I always say I think I was given this talent for a reason, so just to throw it away and go do some teenage things, stupid stuff that will be there my whole life, is I don’t think the right thing to do. … I don’t think everyone can do this. 

What other sports did you play growing up?

Haley: Everything. Kids need to play sports, because I think that’s why I got so good so fast. Gymnastics, softball, soccer, cross country, swimming, basketball—

What was your swim stroke?

Haley: I just did freestyle. I could do all of them.

What was your favorite sport to play?

Haley: Softball. I played pitcher. I wish I could have played longer, but I had a tooth accident and just quit … . I took a line drive to the face. … I got [my teeth] redone. They’re all crowns. … It was bad. The whole tooth came out. It wasn’t just chipped. … After that they started wearing masks.

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Cover photo by Michael Valentin.