2012 Regional Workouts Announced

April 18, 2012


A look at what the competitors will be facing. 

Regionals kick off in less than 10 days. We're one step closer to finding the Fittest on Earth.


Competitors and fans, the 2012 Regional Workouts are now up!

Just like last year, the Regional Workouts will be the same across all 17 regions. To make it to the CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif., all competitors will have to face the same six tests.

Find the full Individual workouts, descriptions, and movement requirements HERE. The full information on the Team workouts is available HERE

Toto, we’re not in the Open anymore. Whereas the Open was designed for 99 percent, with the 1 percent in mind, the Regional workouts are designed for the 1 percent.

Three hundred and forty five pound deadlifts, 225-pound hang cleans, and 100-pound dumbbell snatches have made it into the 2012 Regional Workouts. This year, the thruster ladder has been replaced by its more technical cousin: the snatch ladder. Competitors will have to show their strength and technical skill in a ladder that goes up to 295 pounds. 

Yet beefcakes, beware. None of the heavy loads come without a high heart rate. The snatch ladder is paired with double-unders, the hang cleans follow a 2K row and pistols, and the heavy deadlifts are mixed with muscle-ups. 

The 2012 Regional Workouts have some classic CrossFit challenges as well as some new twists. On the same weekend competitors take on the burpee box jump, they’ll also face a classic CrossFit benchmark — Diane. How will the world’s fittest fare on Diane with the added challenge of judges and live competition?

Diane is the second benchmark workout of the 2012 CrossFit Games Season, following the repeat of the 2011 Open Workout 11.6.

This year, every rep counts. Competitors will have to complete a minimum amount of work in order to move on to the next workout. As long as a competitor meets or exceeds the minimum requirements, they will not have to face cuts until the final event of the competition.

The 2012 Regional Team Workouts are variations of the Individual workouts. The teams will face some specific challenges, too. During the first event, there is a partner deadlift, in which two athletes will have to coordinate their efforts while lifting hundreds of pounds.  Workouts 4 and 6 also require partners to maintain isometric holds while others proceed through the workout.

The team workouts are designed to punish the weakest link. In Workout 2, a slow team member can hold back the progress of the entire team. Over the course of six workouts, a collection of specialists will fall behind a collection of generalists. For example, all six team members will compete in the snatch ladder – two strong athletes will not be able to cover for an entire team.

All six team members will do at least one workout a day. Some workouts call for two team members and some call for four, but all athletes must be prepared to compete every day.

Regionals kick off in less than 10 days. We’re one step closer to finding the Fittest on Earth.