The fittest men, women, and teams from each region of the world advance to the second stage of the CrossFit Games season: the Regionals.

CrossFit splits the world into 17 regions. There are 10 regions in the United States (North East, Mid Atlantic, South East, Central East, North Central, South Central, North West, South West, Northern California, Southern California), and 7 international regions (Canada West, Canada East, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe). Athletes are placed in their region during Open registration based on their residence as of January 1 of that year. 

To qualify, the Regional competitors had to prove that they were their region's fittest athletes by competing in the five-week, five-workout online Open and finishing well in the overall standings. The number of athletes to qualify from each region varies from 10 to 30 (20 for all U.S. regions). 

  • 20 men, 20 women and 15 teams advance from regions in the U.S. and Canada.
  • 30 men, 30 women and 20 teams advance from Europe and Australia.
  • 10 men, 10 women and 10 teams advance from Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The 17 regions feed into 8 Regional competitions. 

At the Regionals, 40 men, 40 women, and 30 teams compete over three days for the right to advance to the CrossFit Games. (The larger South Regional has 50 men, 50 women, and 40 teams.)

In 2016, the Regional competitions were held over three consecutive weekends in May. The event format, including movement standards and range of motion requirements, were released on the CrossFit Games website one week prior to the start of Regionals on the first week of May. 

Pacific Regional
Australia + Asia
Wollongong, Australia

South Regional
South Central + South West + Latin America
Dallas, Texas

California Regional
Northern California + Southern California
Del Mar, California

West Regional
North West + Canada West
Portland, Oregon

Atlantic Regional
Mid Atlantic + South East
Atlanta, Georgia

Meridian Regional
Europe + Africa
Madrid, Spain

Central Regional
Central East + North Central 
Columbus, Ohio

East Regional
North East + Canada East
Albany, New York

All Regional competitors face the same workouts, whether they're in Wollongong, Australia, or Atlanta, Georgia. 

Competitors care about how they place relative to their peers at their Regional, since that's what determines how many points they earn and where they'll rank in the overall standings. Claiming first in an event earns an athlete 100 points, second earns 95 points, third 90, fourth 85, fifth 80, sixth 75. The scale then drops by two-point increments for seventh through 30th, and then by one-point increments from 30th - 50th. The athlete with the most points will claim first in the overall standings; the top five athletes overall at the end of the weekend earn the right to advance to the CrossFit Games. 

The Games qualifiers receive a piece of the season's 2.2-million dollar prize purse. All cash prizes are paid in US dollars.

Individual Division

  • First Place: $5,000
  • Second Place: $4,000
  • Third Place: $3,000
  • Fourth Place: $2,000
  • Fifth Place: $1,000

Team Division

  • First Place: $3,000
  • Second Place: $2,500
  • Third Place: $2,000
  • Fourth Place: $1,500
  • Fifth Place: $1,000

All Games qualifiers are drug tested. Drug testing is required for any individual athlete or team to advance to the Games or to collect prizes.

The tenth CrossFit Games were held at the StubHub Center in Carson, California, July 19 - 24, 2016. The Team and Individual Competitions began Wednesday, July 20, through Sunday, July 24.

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