Quarterfinals Workouts

2023 CrossFit Games

Test 3


For time, 1 athlete at a time, F/M/F/M: 

10 bar muscle-ups 
20 deadlifts 
30 GHD sit-ups 
20 deadlifts 
10 bar muscle-ups 

185 lb 
275 lb 

Time cap: 25 minutes 


As soon as the second male athlete completes his last muscle-up, or the time cap of Test 3 is reached, the team will have 5 minutes to complete as many reps as possible of: 

Clean and jerks 

185 lb 
275 lb

Download the workout description and scorecard for your division:

  • Notes

    Prior to starting, set up the floor plan as shown. Any requested video must clearly capture a ¾ angle of the athlete during the bar muscle-ups. For safety, the GHD cannot be placed directly in front of the pull-up bar. 

    This test begins with all four athletes standing across the line furthest from the pull-up bar (by the barbells). After “3, 2, 1 … go,” the first female athlete moves to the pull-up bar and completes 10 bar muscle-ups, then moves to the barbell to complete 20 deadlifts, then moves to the GHD and completes 30 GHD sit-ups. The athlete will then complete 20 more deadlifts and finally finish with 10 bar muscle-ups. When the first athlete returns over the line, the first male athlete will enter. Continue in this fashion with the second female and male athletes. Time will stop as soon as the last male athlete finishes their last bar muscle-up. 

    The score for Test 3A will be the total time for all four athletes to complete the test. In the event of a time cap, the team’s score will be the total number of repetitions completed before the time cap. 

    Team Quarterfinal Test 3B will start immediately after the last male athlete completes their final bar muscle-up OR the 25-minute time cap is reached. The team will then have 5 minutes to complete as many clean and jerks as possible. Each pair will have a single barbell. One man and one woman will work at a time, with the pairs switching as needed throughout the 5 minutes. 

    The team’s score for Test 3B will be the total number of clean and jerks (men’s total reps + women’s total reps) completed before the 5-minute time cap. Any successfully completed repetition where the barbell has left the floor before the time cap will count. 



    Record the time when the first male athlete reaches lockout on their final muscle-up. This time will be used as a tiebreak in the event of a tie on reps during Test 3B. The team with the faster time will win the tie. 

    There is no tiebreak for Test 3A.


    • Tape to mark the floor. 
    • GHDs set to the appropriate height. 
    • Barbell, plates, and collars.* 
    • Pull-up bar. 
    • Two judges are required for Test 3B: 
      • One judge for the male barbell. 
      • One judge for the female barbell. 

    * The official weight is in pounds. For your convenience, the minimum acceptable weights in kilograms for the barbells are 83 kg (185 lb) and 125 kg (275 lb). 

    Be sure the team has adequate space to safely complete all the movements. Clear the area of all extra equipment, people, or other obstructions.

    Any team who in any way alters the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the test standards video may be disqualified from the competition. Unless otherwise stated, teams may not receive assistance with their equipment during the test.

    Video Submission Standards


    • Missing repetitions may result in the team’s score being adjusted to the last correctly completed rep before the missed/skipped rep. 
    • A significant number of no reps will result in a Major Penalty. 
    • If a penalty results in a time greater than the time cap, the team’s score will be adjusted to less than the total number of possible reps at a rate of -1 rep for every 5 seconds over the cap. 
    • If an athlete is assessed a no rep on any movement, the athlete’s average cycle time for the movement will be calculated and doubled, then added as penalty time. 

    GHD Sit-up: 

    • Not touching the foot pads with both hands when entering the GHD will result in a 1-rep penalty. 
    • Performing the GHD Sit-ups with the hip clearly on the RED side of the pad will result in a penalty of at least 30 seconds. 


    • Use of gymnastics grips while performing deadlifts will result in a 15% Major Penalty. 

    Test 3A: 

    • False starts or starting in the wrong position will result in a 5-second penalty. 

    Test 3B Clean and Jerk: 

    • Stepping on or over the line = no rep. 
    • Lifting with both partners in the zone = no rep.