January 18, 2022
Wodapalooza is a Pioneer in Developing the Adaptive Division

The best stuff starts in CrossFit affiliates. Wodapalooza is a pioneer in developing the adaptive division in CrossFit. Congratulations to the #WZAMiami champions in the Rx’d division.

Casey Acree 🇺🇸 - Standing Adaptive Upper Rx Men

Anne-Laure Coutenceau 🇫🇷 - Standing Adaptive Upper Rx Women

Séraphin Périer 🇫🇷 - Standing Adaptive Lower Rx Men

Amy Bream 🇺🇸 - Standing Adaptive Lower Rx Women

Austin Roth 🇬🇧 - Standing Adaptive Neuro Rx Men

Letchen Du Plessis 🇿🇦 - Standing Adaptive Neuro Rx Women

Tom Miazga 🇺🇸 - Seated Adaptive Rx Men

Amalia Ortuño Lizano 🇨🇷 - Seated Adaptive Rx Women