January 9, 2024
Why You Should Sign Up for the 2024 CrossFit Open

“Just because something may be out of your reach … is exactly why you should try to reach for it, whether you do it or not in the Open. … It's a great epiphany or enlightening moment of where you're at and where you could be.” — Chase Ingraham

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Host Chase Ingraham sits down with CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup champion and host of the “More Than Fitness” podcast Adrian Conway to discuss the CrossFit Open and why you should sign up to take on the challenge this year.


After reminiscing on their own CrossFit beginnings and Open experiences as participants, coaches, and affiliate owners, Ingraham and Conway explore reasons why some may be hesitant or nervous to participate and dive into the immense value of challenging yourself and doing hard things. 

Signing up for the CrossFit Open is a great place to start.

Tune in to learn more about the 2024 CrossFit Open and how to get a special CrossFit Open T-shirt, why tackling the Open at a CrossFit gym is an unmatched and magical experience, and why the Open is much more than just three weeks of workouts.


Register for the CrossFit Open here.



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