May 24, 2023
Week 1 Recap | 2023 CrossFit Games Semifinals

The 2023 CrossFit Games Semifinals are in full swing. Week 1 is done and we are charging right into Week 2. 

The top 12 men, 11 women, and 10 teams from North America East, and the top man, woman, and team from Africa have punched their tickets to the finals in Madison, Aug. 1-6.


In today’s episode, CrossFit Games Podcast host Chase Ingraham is joined by CrossFit Games veterans Adrian Conway and Stacie Tovar to go through all the big news, hot topics, and wild stories from Week 1 of Semifinals in North America East and Africa. 

After that, they will take a peak at what's to come in Week 2 from North America West, South America, and Oceania, and make some bold predictions of who they think will be making the trip to Madison. 


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