February 15, 2021
Through Lockdowns and Basements: Preparing for the 2021 Open

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Medical student Viktor Munter, 27, is preparing for the 2021 CrossFit Open in his basement.

“Our mental approach was, well, the gyms are closed so we have to figure something out, and training is a big part of our lives," Munter says. "So … we said, ‘OK, this is our situation so let’s try to make the best of it.’"

Technology and construction management worker, Holger Schwartz, 26, was the 14th-fittest man in Denmark in 2020. Schwartz trains outside through lockdowns in preparation for the Open. 

“Right now we’re in the middle of the second lockdown. All the training, if you don’t have a home gym, is going down outside. We try to make all the training like one long training session without a lot of breaks because it’s way too cold,” Schwartz says. 

Schwartz adds, “I feel like when we’re in this situation that we are now, we can really benefit from people signing up because it’s a way to connect the community again, and find something to do together, and compete against each other, even if it’s the non-equipped version you do at home.”

This year’s Open is an opportunity to unite despite our circumstances and have something to look forward to. Are you in? Register today.

Video by Nikolaj Ronnow

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