February 2, 2021
First CrossFit Open After Life-Changing Accident

Rebecca, 24, lived an active lifestyle until a car accident in May of 2014. The injuries she sustained resulted in a diagnosis of L-1 incomplete paraplegia. After recovering for months in the hospital, Rebecca started CrossFit “to get fit” and found a supportive community at her gym. As an adaptive athlete, Rebecca describes working harder, feeling stronger, and becoming more independent since modifying workouts to fit her ability level.

This year, Rebecca is participating in the CrossFit Open.

“I think the new adaptive division of CrossFit is really, really good,” she says. “It’s showing people around the world that it doesn’t matter your ability — everyone can participate.”

“This is my first Open,” she continues, “so I'm not really sure what to expect ... but I'm really excited to compete and try something different, see where I rank among other athletes.” 

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