February 15, 2024
Ro vs. Boz — A CrossFit Open Rivalry For the Ages

Live head-to-head battles in the CrossFit Open began in 2013 with Dan Bailey and Scott Panchik facing off in Open Workout 13.1.

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Since then, the CrossFit community has witnessed a wealth of epic Open matchups:

—A throwdown of CrossFit Games champions in Open Workout 14.5.

—Rich Froning vs. Mat Fraser in Open Workout 15.1.

—A battle of the Dottirs in Open Workout 18.5.

—A clash of Canadians in Open Workout 17.1.


But there’s one rivalry that is unmatched in CrossFit Open history — Ro vs. Boz

Rory McKernan and CrossFit Competition Director Adrian Bozman come together on the CrossFit Games Podcast to revisit their past Open duels in a trip down TeamRo vs. TeamBoz Memory Lane.


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