July 28, 2022
CrossFit & the CrossFit Games: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between what you see at the CrossFit Games and what takes place in CrossFit gyms around the world? 

Anyone can go to a CrossFit gym to start the climb toward better fitness and a healthier life. The CrossFit Games are where you go when you've reached the peak — the Games demonstrate the apex of human fitness.

“Most folks in an affiliate work out one time a day, for one hour a day where the CrossFit Games competitor is obviously trying to increase their capacity, but for a dramatically different goal. They are literally trying to become the best athlete on the planet. They’re trying to establish functional dominance over other competitors, where one here inside the affiliate is trying to maximize their capacity and be competent outside the walls of the gym," says Head Judge and CrossFit Seminar Staff Flowmaster Chuck Carswell

“What happens at the Games is just an extraordinary version of what happens inside ordinary CrossFit affiliates," says GM of Sport Justin Bergh. "And what you see at the Games always inspires a different training approach in affiliates. What you’ll see on Sunday at the finals, when we’re crowning the fittest men and women on broadcast television worldwide, will also be taken down to a local affiliate level.” 


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