August 11, 2022
Noah Ohlsen Wins Spirit of the Games Award

Congratulations to Spirit of the Games Award Winner Noah Ohlsen

Nicole Carroll, GM Of EDU: "The CrossFit revolution has grown exponentially over the last two decades, not only because of CrossFit’s efficacy in improving fitness & health, but because of the community. Because of all of you.

In our gyms, we don’t face mirrors — we face each other.  

We don’t celebrate aesthetics and swagger but rather showing up and humbly putting in the work.  We share in the challenge of doing hard things because we know it makes us better humans in every way, on every level. 

In this shared striving we connect authentically and build strong local communities. 

These local communities are the soul of the CrossFit movement. And they genuinely make the world a better place. 
This year, the Spirit of the Games award is given to an athlete who is emblematic of this community — an athlete who, for the last 9 years, he has trained, competed, and carried himself with uncommon warmth, kindness, and generosity.

When he saw rookie athlete, Rebecca Fuselier, fighting to finish her last climb up the stairs of the capitol on Friday, he was one of the only athletes to stay behind and cheer her on. 

As you all surrounded her and lifted her up at the end of that event, this year’s winner was right there with you. 

He has one of the biggest hearts in CrossFit. And the strength of spirit he exhibits on camera exactly matches what you see when the cameras are off. ... This year’s Spirit of the Games award winner is Noah Ohlsen."

Video by @samberiault_visuals 
Cover by Erick Diaz