March 23, 2017
Nicole Carroll's Tips for Open Workout 17.5

17.5: Here we go … Last workout of the 2017 Open season!

10-round couplet of 9 thrusters (65/95 lb.) and 35 double-unders with a 40-minute time cap.   


Back to where we started … metabolic distress!


You want to keep moving! Try not to break up the thrusters or double-unders, and transition deliberately from movement to movement.


Find that “smooth is fast” pace. Work at a clip that allows you to: 1. Do the thrusters unbroken, 2. Transition without extra breaks, and 3. Hit the double-under sets successfully. 


Go for unbroken sets! I recommend starting out with a moderate-to-slower pace (remember it is 10 rounds!), and then modulating the turnover rate as the workout goes on–i.e., speed up if you find you have more in you, or slow it down if you find you are resting too long in transitions.

If these are on the heavier side for you, it is OK! Break them up as needed and gut through it. You’ve got 40 minutes to complete this one as Rx’d–go for it! 


Of course, go unbroken on these too! Take a moment to compose yourself before each set, and then hit a complete, successful set–no mess-ups! Messing up will be more costly than taking a quick second or two to relax and focus.

That said, if you do mess up, don’t stress. Stay calm, take a breath, give it a little smile and go again. You will get through them. Getting frustrated or tense only makes it harder to be successful on these. 

Finally, use good double-under technique. Preserve the shoulders as much as possible by spinning from the wrists, not the shoulders/arms.


There are a lot of transitions in this workout, and if you are not careful, they can eat up more time than the working sets!

Keep your bar and rope close to each other, and walk deliberately between sets. If you need an extra couple of breaths, take them, but stay upright (no hands on knees, and no kneeling), and no long strolls away from your equipment.


It's the last workout of the 2017 Open!  

This is a great time to take a look at far you've come this year. Maybe this is your first time competing in the Open. Maybe it's your first time doing all the workouts as Rx’d. Maybe you PR’d your snatch or got your first bar muscle-up. 

Whatever you accomplished so far in the Open this year, take a minute to really appreciate it—then go crush this last one!

Give everything you’ve got to your workout—but also to the community around you. This is the real magic of the Open. It's a test of fitness, yes, but it's also a celebration of our movement. Through your shared suffering, spirit and support of each other, you've created thousands of communities all around the world. Over the last four workouts, we've bonded as a global community and pushed each other to new heights: 385,000 of us have performed the same workouts in more than 10,000 affiliates. 

For four weeks, we've marveled at the accomplishments of our fellow athletes and shared our love of fitness, health and competition with the world, inspiring others to join us. Every single one of you plays a part in this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for representing our community, and thank you for continuing to make the Open a truly inspiring expression of the CrossFit movement.

Now, go get 'em—and good luck!