February 1, 2024
Jason Grubb — Your Best Years Are Ahead of You

“You can go all in on all this from Day 1 in CrossFit and it’s just going to be so, so good for you. But the reality is … behavior change and habit change can take some time. And it doesn’t all occur all at once. I didn’t do an about-face. I did a big U-turn — a big one years in the making — but CrossFit was the catalyst. Stepping into the gym the first time was the catalyst for that giant U-turn.”

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Five-time CrossFit Games masters athlete Jason Grubb joins host Adrian Conway on the show for a candid, in-depth conversation about starting CrossFit, qualifying for the Games, making changes to his health and fitness over time, and the magic of being a masters athlete. 


Although Grubb participated in gymnastics, soccer, and other sports growing up, he wasn’t very active for a large part of his adult life. In 2013 at 38 years old, he tried CrossFit at the recommendation of his sister-in-law and was all in. 

Grubb qualified for his first CrossFit Games in the Men’s 40-44 division in 2018 and placed third overall after an athlete tested positive for PEDs. Since then, he’s earned the title of Fittest Man on Earth in his division four times (2019, 2021-2023). 

In addition to his accolades as a CrossFit Games masters athlete, Grubb is also well-known for his incredible transformation and has served as inspiration for many starting their health and fitness journey later in life.


Tune in to hear from Grubb about standing on the Games podium for the first time, how he broke unhealthy habits to optimize his life in and outside of the gym, and the importance of being consistent with training and recovery for elite and everyday CrossFit athletes. 



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