February 16, 2012
Figuring It Out: Jeremy Kinnick

"I'm going to do the CrossFit Games Open because I've always been competitive, I've always enjoyed that atmosphere. As grown ups we don't have that anymore. So now [with the CrossFit Games Season] I can still get that excitement and enjoyment out of competing alongside people that are like-minded," Kinnick says.

2011 CrossFit Games competitor, Jeremy Kinnick, found CrossFit on the internet and started doing it in his garage. 

"It wasn't real CrossFit," Kinnick says, "we just kinda figured stuff out."

Yet 'just figuring it out' successfully got Kinnick started on a path towards fitness. For a while, he had been sedentary and unhealthy with a desk job. Now, he runs CrossFit Kinnick and is among the fittest men in the world.

Ever since the 2011 CrossFit Games, Kinnick has been training with Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Endurance. Kinnick started working with Mackenzie in order to target his weakness in endurance workouts. Now, Mackenzie programs all of his workouts.

Kinnick feels good about the Open. He doesn't plan on killing himself for a high ranking on the Leaderboard. Instead, Kinnick plans on locking down a Top 60 position then "turning it on" at the 2012 Southern California Regional.