May 24, 2023
Eric O’Connor — Skeptic Turned CrossFit Flowmaster

“We have such a big pocket of people … that are unhappy. Chronic diseases … more than what it should be. … If there’s a way to hopefully reach them and get them more involved in a box, I think that the CrossFit affiliate saves lives.”

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CrossFit Seminar Flowmaster and former Games athlete Eric O’Connor joins host Adrian Conway on the podcast to share his experience of becoming an integral part of CrossFit HQ.


O’Connor was introduced to CrossFit in 2006 by multi-year Games athlete Chris Spealler. 

O’Connor — a former collegiate wrestler — enjoyed the workouts, but was skeptical. It wasn’t until he started researching CrossFit and exploring The Journal that he was all in on the methodology and the sport.

In 2008, O’Connor decided to take his Level 1 and began coaching. He eventually pursued his Level 2, interned on the Seminar staff, and now holds the highest CrossFit coaching certification — Certified CrossFit Level 4 Coach. Over his career, he has taught more than 450 CrossFit courses.


In this episode, O’Connor dives deeper into his CrossFit story. He describes his journey as an athlete and coach through CrossFit’s evolution, gives insight into coaching as an introvert, and discusses the benefits of feedback and being a continuous learner. 

He also explains his previous and current involvement in the company, from content creation to being a head judge to mentoring future CrossFit trainers. 

As always, stay to the end to hear O’Connor’s answers to Conway’s Final Five.


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