May 25, 2022
CrossFit Teens Are Awesome

“Kids these days are pretty freaking amazing. They are hard workers. They are supportive, inclusive. They are really positive.” —Autumn Yost, Co-owner of Triple River CrossFit

Under the wing of coach and co-owner of Triple River CrossFit Brock Yost, six Games hopeful teens threw down at the Pit Fitness Ranch in Three Rivers, Michigan, for the virtual Age-Group Quarterfinal.

The teen athletes — Andrea Bell, Miguel Buzza Roo, Brynn Cupp, Erica Schryer, Blake Vandenbrink, and Ethan Rosenberg — hit PRs, overcame challenges, worked hard, and played hard, all while encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting each other every step of the way.

Celebrate the successes of the Pit teens. Get an inside look at their Quarterfinal weekend and find out what makes the Pit Fitness Ranch such a special place.