March 13, 2012
Andrea Ager and Kenneth Leverich on 12.3

Andrea Ager of Southern California is in 3rd place in the worldwide standings after 12.3, following behind Kristan Clever and Julie Foucher. 

Last year, Ager competed on Brick CrossFit's team in the 2011 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup. They made the cut for the finals. Now, Ager is going individual.

"Andrea Ager came on the scene about a year ago," Flynn recalls. "She's an amazing competitor. She brings an intense, intense competitive drive to all the workouts she does and today was no exception."

At Orange Coast CrossFit, Andrea got 13 rounds, 15 box jumps, 12 push presses, and 8 toes-to-bar--one rep short of 14 rounds.

She had already done the workout at her home box, but she sought out an uncomfortable environment to try the workout again.  

"What I really wanted was to go to an uncomfortable environment, somewhere I wasn't used to, compete against people I've never competed with before, with a counter that isn't necessarily wanting me to get every rep."

In that uncomfortable environment with an unfamiliar judge, Ager stepped up her game and got two more reps.

"I was super sore going into the workout, but I was super happy to get a better score," Ager says. 

Kenneth Leverich, 5th in the worldwide standings after 12.3, trains out of Orange Coast CrossFit. He has been doing CrossFit for two years now and appears to be on track for a killer season.