Spirit of the Games Is Up to You

August 1, 2018


This year, fans will choose the Spirit of the Games Award winner.
The Spirit of the Games Award is one of the highest honors of the CrossFit Games. Historically presented by CrossFit Director of Certification and Training Nicole Carroll, the award was introduced in 2007 and first presented to Kallista Pappas and Ronnie Boose.

"The Spirit of the Games is an award that acknowledges not only what an athlete accomplishes but how they accomplish it,” Carroll said at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. “In searching for a winner each year, we ask questions like: Who exhibits extraordinary character in a field of already extraordinary human beings? Who inspires and motivates us to live life, even in the face of the most extreme challenges, with a little more grace, a little more kindness, a little more resilience? It's always an incredibly difficult choice.”

Other past winners include 2008 Games champion Jason Khalipa (2009), the legendary Chris Spealler (2010), original Nasty Girl Annie Sakamoto (2011), 2012’s 13th-place Games finisher Deborah Cordner-Carson (2012), 2010 champion Kristan Clever (2013), now 10-time Games athlete Rebecca Voigt (2014), perennial competitor Dan Bailey (2015), reigning second-fittest woman on Earth Kara Saunders (then Webb, 2016) and 2017’s 16th-place finisher Cole Sager (2017).

This year, the choice is yours.

In 2018, for the first time, the CrossFit community will select the Spirit of the Games Award winner. Nominees and the hashtags you can use to vote are listed below:

Margaux Alvarez: #CFGMARGAUX 
Scott Panchik: #CFGSCOTT 
Sean Sweeney: #CFGSEAN 
Jacqueline Jane’t (Masters Women 50-54): #CFGJACKIE
Team Codiga CrossFit: #CFGCODIGA 

Unsure of who to vote for? Read a little more about the nominees:

Margaux Alvarez

Besides being an absolute savage of a competitor (no brainer), Margaux Alvarez is hard working and humble. She has been to the CrossFit Games as an individual athlete six times, starting her career as a volunteer. Alvarez is a true CrossFit ambassador and embodies everything that is good about our community. 

Scott Panchik

Scott Panchik stayed until the bitter end of the Marathon Row to cheer on his competitors. He's been to the CrossFit Games seven times and always has a good, supportive energy about him.

Sean Sweeney

This is Sean Sweeney's second CrossFit Games. Now known as the "CrossFit Cowboy," Sweeney's signature cowboy hat made him a fun-loving crowd favorite. Sweeney is always positive and smiling, even in the midst of a brutal workout. 

Jacqueline Jane’t

To say Jaqueline Jane’t was nervous about the swim is an understatement. But in true CrossFit style, she attacked the 500-m swim with great courage. She overcame significant fear and pushed through until the end. 

Team Código CrossFit

Team Código CrossFit is from South America. The teammates supported one of their female athletes who was terrified of the swim. Through their support and leadership, she made it through to the finish. Código CrossFit showcased stellar teamwork and support for one another as they made their way through the event. 

Vote for the 2018 Spirit of the Games Award winner between 12:10 and 2 p.m. today in this feed below:

2018 CrossFit Games - Spirit Vote / TE11

Vote for the Spirit of the Games Award winner, then watch TE11 at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. For the first time ever, fans will vote for the winner of the Spirit of the Games Award. Five candidates will be presented via hashtag, and votes will be tallied in the comments on Facebook Live.

Posted by The CrossFit Games on Saturday, August 4, 2018