January 11, 2012
In A Routine: Southern CrossFit
By CrossFit


Southern CrossFit will be going to the 2011 CrossFit Games after earning a 3rd place spot in the Australia Regional. Located in Perth, the team came from behind to grab the last spot to make their first appearance at the Home Depot Center. Here, the team talks about their experience in the Open and the Regional, and how they are preparing for the Games. 

How does the team feel about your Regional (Australia/NZ) performance? What surprised you? What do you feel you could have done better as a team?

We are really happy with the way things turned out. We knew we had a chance at making it, but were rocked by [Regional Workout 2]. This put us behind, so we had to work a little harder on Day 2 to put ourselves in with a chance. On Day 3 with the final WOD, everything was so close and we didn’t know where we had finished until it was announced. Then we partied all night. 

How did the Regional compare to the Open?

We really liked the way everything went, from the Open through to the Regionals. (In the) Open, you are competing as an individual, but at the same time, you are also trying to get the best position you can so your box ranks amongst the top 30 to go to Regionals. The Open also allows you to perform at your very best because you have the comfort of your own gym and equipment, and the ability to complete the workout whenever you perform best; where as the Regionals determined who could perform best on the day, in the given conditions.

Have you been to the Games before? What lessons did you learn from that experience that you're carrying into this year?

We haven’t attended the Games before, but when we have travelled to our Regionals, being one of the most isolated cities in the world, the journey has been over 3000 kilometers, so we are well accustomed to having to plan for all eventualities once we arrive. Although, given the unpredictable nature of CrossFit, that is becoming more of a challenge!!

Are you doing anything as a team/individually, different in your training in the lead-up to the Games?

We had a good routine prior to Regionals and have kept with it afterwards. We are trying a few more team orientated WODs, indoors and outdoors. Also, rather than practicing just the skills and movements, we are trying out the best way to transition for certain movements. 

Does your team pay much attention to the other Regionals? What did you think of them?

We have watched clips and looked at the results, but haven’t compared them directly to our results. We are lucky that we have extra weeks to recover and get ready for the (next) step in the CrossFit Games.