October 12, 2018
Qualifier Details Released for 2019 Fittest in Cape Town
By Fittest in Cape Town
South Africa will host a CrossFit-santioned competition that will send one man, one woman and one team to the 2019 CrossFit Games. Here are the qualifier details.
South Africa will host a CrossFit-santioned competition that will send one man, one woman and one team to the 2019 CrossFit Games. Here are the qualifier details.

CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town (FiCT2019) is an annual competition originally designed to find the fittest athletes in South Africa. The event attracts athletes from across the African continent and has become a testing ground for athletes and teams prior to the Games. The newly CrossFit-sanctioned competition will reward its top male, female and team finishers with qualifying spots at the 2019 CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

The competition will begin with an online qualifier, leading to a three-day final competition in Cape Town in February of 2019.

The online qualifiers for FiCT2019 will run Nov. 1-11, 2018. The top 20 women and top 20 men will be invited to compete in the individual division during the main event in 2019. The cost to register for the online qualifiers will be 150 ZAR (South African Rand - approximately US$10.32).

How to Qualify as an Individual

Any athletes intending to qualifying individually must submit a video alongside their scores for each of the qualifier workouts. After the validation process is complete, an invite will be sent out to the highest-ranked athletes who then will be given 72 hours to accept and register for the main event.

Cost to register for the Main Event (individual) will be 1,500 ZAR (approx. US$103.20).

Fittest in Cape Town reserves the right to invite up to four "Wild Cards" in both the female and male individual divisions.


CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019 will as per last year, be held at the Green Point Stadium and surroundings, from the 31st of January - 2nd of February 2019. The Online Qualifiers will run from 1st-11th of November 2018, where athletes will complete 3 WOD's within these 11 days. —- Exactly like in previous years we will have an Individual division for women and one for men, and a big Team division. This year we will allow for Super Teams to compete in alignment with the new structure for the CrossFit Games season, but will also run the "FiCT Community Series" within the Team division. To form a team for the FiCT Community Series, all athletes must come from the same affiliate - this is to also allow boxes to showcase their own teams at will. —- REGISTRATION Opens on the 18th of October 2018 and ALL athletes that want to compete at FiCT2019 (Individual or Team) must register and complete at least 1 of the 3 FiCT Online Qualifiers. Registration fee is R150 (approx $10) per person. —- More info on each part of the qualifiers to follow over the next few days. #CrossFit #FiCT2019 #sanctioned #CrossFitGames #fittestincapetown #fittestinafrica

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How to Qualify as a Team

The CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Online Qualifier will find the 100 fittest teams and invite them to compete in the Team Division during the 2019 main event. The winning team will win a spot to compete at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.

New for 2019, the competition will allow super teams. All athletes who want to compete in the main event, either as an individual or on a team, must register individually for the qualifier and submit a score for at least one online qualifier workout.

On a super team, athletes do not have to train together, and teams can consist of any two female and two male athletes.


CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town Online Qualifiers will find the 100 Fittest Teams and invite them to compete in the Team Division during the 2019 main event. The winning Team will win a ticket to the CrossFit Games 2019. # New for 2019 is that FiCT, in accordance with the new CrossFit Games structure, will allow Super Teams! But, as FiCT has always been a competition for the community, we will also have a specific division within the Team Division called the "FiCT Community Series" where Affiliates can qualify a team/teams with athletes representing their box only. # Let's start with the Super Teams today and explain the "Community Series Teams" tomorrow: ALL athletes that want to compete at the Main Event, either as Individual or in a Team, must register Individually for the qualifiers (R150, approx $10) and submit a score for at least ONE online qualifier. In a Super Team the athletes do NOT have to train together and can consist of any 2 Female & 2 Male athletes that want to compete together. The Team must also register as a Team (R600, approx $40) and an athlete can only represent ONE Team throughout the FiCT season (1st of November 2018 to 3rd of February 2019). # An athlete in a Super Team can ONLY be replaced if qualified for the Individual Division, and only by an athlete that has registered and submitted at least one score as long as the new athlete is NOT REGISTERED IN ANY OTHER TEAM. # After the Qualifiers are done the judges team will validate Team Athletes scores through video request submission. We recommend ALL athletes aiming to compete for a Team to video their scores through our partner @wodproofapp as FiCT Judges Team reserves the right to request a video at any time. # For the Super Teams, the registered 4 athletes TOTAL INDIVIDUAL RANKING POINTS will be added together, while for the Affiliate Teams the same will apply for their two highest ranked Female & Male athletes. The combined ranking points will then give each team a ranking and all Teams will be ranked according to lowest total ranking points- lowest total= ranked 1st. # Registration Fee for The Main Event will be R4.000 (approx $270). #CrossFit #FiCT2019 #sanctioned #crossfitgames

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After the qualifier, judges will validate scores by requesting video submission. Super team athletes will have each individual athlete's score added together to determine qualification.

Registration opens today on the Fittest in Cape Town website. Here's how to register a team:

1. Team captain registers individually.
2. Team captain registers a team. PLEASE NOTE: Only one team per affiliate can be registered.
3. All athletes who want to be part of an affiliate team/super team must then register individually.
4. Team captain then pulls registered athletes onto the team roster.
5. Super teams are limited to 4 athletes, while affiliate teams can have as many of their own athletes representing them as they want.


In 2018 the two teams from CrossFit Maculusso in Luanda, Angola 🇦🇴, were the teams that travelled the furthest to get to FiCT - which parts of the world will be represented at the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town 2019? —— Registration opens on our webpage in less than 3 hours and here’s another fun competition for you teams: among the FIRST 20 TEAMS TO REGISTER (Super Team or Affiliate Teams) we will draw a LUCKY WINNER that will get their Online Qualifier Team Fee back (R600)! Tag your Team Captain or Affiliate owner in the comments below to make them register first. —- HERE’S HOW TO REGISTER A TEAM: 1. Captain registers individually. 2. Captain registers a team, PLEASE NOTE: only ONE team per Affiliate can be registered*. 3. ALL athletes that wants to be part of the Affiliate Team/Super Team must then register individually. 4. Team Captain then pulls registered athletes into the Team Roster. 5. Super Teams are limited to 4 athletes, while Affiliate Teams can have as many of their own athletes representing them as they want. *NB: no reimbursements to be made so make sure to communicate in your team/box who is to register the team. —- PS: any athlete can only represent ONE team for the duration of the FiCT-season (1st of November 2018 - 3rd of February 2019). #CrossFit #FiCT2019 #FiCTOQ #FiCT #sanctioned #onlinequalifier #FittestinCapeTown #FittestinAfrica

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Note: Athletes will be able register for a team (super team or affiliate team for the “Fittest in Cape Town Community Series”) and still try to qualify for the individual division. They will only have to choose which division they want to compete in after the online qualifiers are completed and invitations are sent out.

Here's a look at last year's highlights


Watch the FiCT2018 Full Feature - powered by NUTRITECH - Africa's top elite fitness athletes go to war on the sandy shores of Clifton 4th and the fields of Green Point Stadium all to be crowned Fittest. The Mother City braced itself for an epic battle as the strongest teams and individuals in Southern Africa threw down! Welcome to the FITTEST IN CAPE TOWN. PS. A massive congrats to the Individuals and Teams who just qualified for the Regionals, we are proud to say that all our podium finishers proved themselves once again and that it looks like we'll see plenty of fire works from the South African athletes come June! - #FICT #FICT18 #FITTESTINCAPETOWN #NUTRITECH #MIFITNESS #REEBOK

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Registration opens the 18th of October. All athletes who want to have a chance to compete at CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town in 2019 must register individually and submit at least one score for the online qualifier workouts.

A FAQ for the FiCT2019 will be released after all divisions of the competition are announced. Stay tuned to the FiCT Instagram and website.

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