June 8, 2013
Latin America Regional Report: Death by Burpee Muscle-ups
By Manuela Echeverri
"I'm happy with my performance, but coach always tells me, 'You have three minutes to be happy or mad, then you have to move on.'...
"I'm happy with my performance, but coach always tells me, 'You have three minutes to be happy or mad, then you have to move on.'...

"I'm happy with my performance, but coach always tells me, 'You have three minutes to be happy or mad, then you have to move on.'"

With the temperatures rising and humidity levels high, the stage was set for Events 2 and 3. 

The combination of a 7-minute ladder of 3 overhead squats, along with only 2 minutes of rest before going into the next event led to nothing short of plain fear. Event 3 consisted of 30 burpee muscle-ups for time, but with a time cap of 7 minutes. 
With a minimum work requirement for the events, it became the executioner that would either fulfill dreams or put those dreams to sleep. This is exactly what happened to the athletes on Day 1 of the 2013 Latin America Regional. Eighty percent of teams and 33 percent of female athletes are no longer in the running for the Games after Event 3.    
The first two heats of teams put up some good numbers on the overhead squat, but when the time came for the female athletes to complete the burpee muscle-ups, the story changed. Even though none of those teams in the first two heats are moving forward, great performances were seen and a few women achieved their first ever muscle-up. 
After Day 1, only six teams remain in contention. “Having the muscle-up on the first day prepared the events to follow, so it will include only the more advanced,” said Vivian Sakamoto from CrossFit Jundiaí. 
CrossFit 7 Mile won Event 2 with a total weight of 1,045 pounds, followed by CrossFit Guayaquil with 1,015 pounds and CrossFit SP in third place with 1,010 pounds. 
CrossFit 7 Mile continues to dominate the team competition, taking a win on Event 3 as well totaling 63 burpee muscle-ups. CrossFit Jundiaí came in second with 55 rep and CrossFit Santiago followed in closely with 53 burpee muscle-ups. 
After three Events CrossFit 7 Mile sits extremely comfortable and unchallenged in first place with 3 total points. 
Event 2
1. CrossFit 7 Mile (1045)
2. CrossFit Guayaquil (1015)
3. CrossFit SP (1010)
Event 3
1. CrossFit 7 Mile (63)
2. CrossFit Jundiaï (55)
3. CrossFit Santiago (53)
Overall Standings 
1. CrossFit 7 Mile (3) 
2. CrossFit SP (15)
3. Reebok CrossFit PTY (23)
4. Tuluka El Templo (26)
The final heat on Event 2 was filled with nervousness as the minutes went by. Tarasa Barnett struggled to complete her repetitions with the opening weight of 155 lbs. She eventually got those first three reps, then went on to get 160 lbs., by one rep. In Event 3 Barnett completed 21 burpee muscle-ups securing second place in the event and overall. 
It was Courtney Modecki who got two first-place finishes in the afternoon events. She put up 160 lbs., three times and 165 lbs., for a single repetition. After the 2-minute rest, Modecki was able to complete 28 burpee muscle-ups within the 7-minute time cap.
Modecki is going home tonight on top of the Leaderboard after 3 events with 4 total points. 
"I'm happy with my performance, but coach always tells me, ‘You have three minutes to be happy or mad, then you have to move on,’” Modecki said after the events. “My three minutes are up, so now I have to think about the next event.  
Last year, Modecki went to the Mid Atlantic Regional as part of the Outlaw CrossFit team and this is her first year competing in the Latin America Regional as an individual. 
"I feel that being part of a team takes out a lot of the stress and you can focus on having more fun,” she said. “But the truth is, I've never come into a Regional feeling so calm and confident." 
Event 2
1. Courtney Modecki (165.10)
2. Ana C. Caldas (160.20)
3. Tarasa Barnett (160.10)
Event 3
1. Courtney Modecki (7:02)
2. Tarasa Barnett (7:09)
3. Nega Ibarra (7:13)
1. Courtney Modecki (4)
2. Tarasa Barnett (6)
3. Solange Jean-Francois Mon (15)
4. Marilyn Rojas (16)
5. Ana C. Caldas (18) 
The tone for Event 2 was set during Heat 3. Former Olympic lifter Joel Bran of CrossFit D6 surprised everyone after hitting his personal record on the overhead squat, completing 2 reps at 295 lbs., to win the event. 
Bran was an Olympic lifter for 5 years prior to starting CrossFit just a year ago. "I'm doing much better than I expected, which really feels amazing,” said Bran, who finished the day in ninth place. “I was able to beat my time and I also beat my PR on the overhead squat by 10 lbs. CrossFit is my sport now." 
Orlando Trejo overhead squatted 285 lbs., for 2 reps. He later finished in second place on Event 3 with a time of 4:49. 
The big surprise of the afternoon was Augusto Castro’s elimination from the competition, as he was unable to complete three reps with the opening weight of 255 lbs. The ex pro BMX rider, who won Jackie, is now out for the rest of the weekend. 
Conor Murphy won Event 3 with a time 4:34, and sits in second place at the end of Day 1. 
Event 2
1. Joel Bran (295.20)
2. Orlando Trejo (285.20)
3. Giancarlo Vera Ochoa (285.10)
Event 3
1. Conor Murphy (4:34)
2. Orlando Trejo (4:49)
3. Evaristo Cortes (5:14)
1. Orlando Trejo (7)
2. Connor Murphy (14)
3. Andres Danelutto (24)
4. Kevin Vega (30)