Jonne Koski and Mirjam von Rohr Win the 2024 CrossFit Open

March 26, 2024

Kelley Laxton

Meet the winners of the 2024 CrossFit Open. 

The 2024 CrossFit Open worldwide winners are Jonne Koski and Mirjam von Rohr, whose outstanding performances in all three Open workouts landed them on top of the individual men’s and women’s leaderboards. 

Both competitors will take home a cash prize of $15,000 for their athletic feats.  


Meet the Winners 

Jonne Koski

Koski is a nine-time CrossFit Games athlete from Finland. He made his Games debut in 2014, and has been at every CrossFit Games since, with the exception of 2018. 

Koski won his first CrossFit Open this year. He started the 2024 Open with a 24th-place finish in 24.1 but soared to the top of the leaderboard after a second-place finish in 24.2 and an overall win in 24.3. Week 3 will mark his fourth worldwide Open workout victory. 

Jonne Koski at the 2023 CrossFit Games luning with a barbell overhead

Jonne Koski at the 2023 CrossFit Games | Photo by Charlotte Foerschler


Mirjam von Rohr

Switzerland’s Mirjam von Rohr competed in her first CrossFit Open in 2021. She advanced to the Individual Quarterfinal in 2022 but hasn’t been to Semifinals yet. Although von Rohr is relatively inexperienced in CrossFit Games season competitions, she frequently competes in fitness competitions around the world. 

Von Rohr’s 2024 CrossFit Open win marks her career’s best finish, jumping from 54th worldwide in 2022 to first in 2024. 

Mirjam von Rohr at a fitness competition

Photo courtesy of Mirjam von Rohr on Instagram 

The Podium

The top five overall individual winners will receive cash prizes:

  • First Place: $15,000
  • Second Place: $10,000
  • Third Place: $7,500
  • Fourth Place: $6,000
  • Fifth Place: $5,000


Top Five Men

1. Jonne Koski

2. Saxon Panchik

3. Jay Crouch

4. Luka Vunjak

5. Noah Ohlsen


Top Five Women

1. Mirjam von Rohr

2. Grace Walton

3. Anikha Greer

4. Arielle Loewen

5. Carolyne Prevost


2024 Open Overall Winners by Division



Division Winner Score
Individual Men Jonne Koski 30 points
Individual Women Mirjam von Rohr 40 points
Men 35-39 Will Moorad 18 points
Women 35-39 Carmen Perez Ruiz 32 points
Men 40-44 Michael Laverriere 30 points
Women 40-44 Giulia Roggio 8 points
Men 45-49 Caine Hayes 23 points
Women 45-49 Val Voboril 18 points
Men 50-54 Jamie McGarva 5 points
Women 50-54 Janet Black 16 points
Men 55-59 Antonio Boldrini 43 points
Women 55-59 Francoise Mahier 4 points
Men 60-64 Stuart Swanson 31 points
Women 60-64 Laurie Meschishnick 4 points
Men 65+ Calvin Cherrington 32 points
Women 65+ Patricia McGill 5 points
Boys 16-17 RJ Mestre 3 points
Girls 16-17 Kendall Gilmore 12 points
Boys 14-15 Pablo Tronchon 11 points
Girls 14-15 Kiera McManus 12 points


Adaptive Open Winners by Division


Division Winner Score
Men: 1 Point - Upper Impairment Victor Hugo Assaf 3
Women: 1 Point - Upper Impairment Genny Tidewell 5
Men: 2 Point - Upper Impairment Casey Acree 3
Women: 2 Point - Upper Impairment Mia Van Rensburg 5
Men: Minor Lower - Lower Impairment Daniel Washington 9
Women: Minor Lower - Lower Impairment Bayleigh Hooper 5
Men: Above Knee - Lower Impairment Derek Weida 4
Women: Above Knee - Lower Impairment Lauren Farhat 4
Men: Below Knee - Lower Impairment Rogan Dean 7
Women: Below Knee - Lower Impairment Jessica Cox 5
Men: Major - Neuromuscular Impairment Jeremy Dalton 4
Women: Major - Neuromuscular Impairment Hilary Simister 4
Men: Moderate - Neuromuscular Impairment Kevin Maijer 5
Women: Moderate - Neuromuscular Impairment Krista Davidson 4
Men: Minor - Neuromuscular Impairment Adam Nelczyk 5
Women: Minor - Neuromuscular Impairment Alyssa Kobela 4
Men: Vision Impairment Chris Fair 7
Women: Vision Impairment Mary Colin 4
Men: Short Stature Juan Serrano Torres 4
Women: Short Stature Cruesa Angelica 3
Men: Seated 1 - Without Hip Function Kevin Ogar 8
Women: Seated 1 - Without Hip Function Andrea Wilson 5
Men: Seated 2 - With Hip Function Tom Miazga 4
Women: Seated 2 - With Hip Function Amalia Ortuño Lizano 4
Men: Seated 3 - QUAD Cameron Whittaker 4
Women: Seated 3 - QUAD Sophie Wilson 3
Men: Standing Diagnosed Brett Horchar 3
Women: Standing Diagnosed Katie Bures 3
Men: Intellectual Disability Lance King 6
Women: Intellectual Disability Kira Weber 7


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Cover photo: Photo of Jonne Koski by Amy Wong | Photo of Mirjam von Rohr courtesy of von Rohr on Instagram