March 8, 2013
Jeremy Meredith: Remembering to Recover
By Kate Rose

"I'll definitely be keeping unpredictability in mind for my upcoming training."

After you win Regionals, what do you do to get better?

Jeremy Meredith is resting.

For the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, Meredith, the first-place finisher from the Canada West Region, feels he fell short on his recovery and readiness.

Meredith feels he was not prepared for the wide range of demands he met at the Games.

“When I say I fell short on readiness, I refer to the things like the (Pendleton Event), O-course, the Rope/Sled and the MedBall Clean/Handstand Push-up event,” he says. “So, I’ll definitely be keeping unpredictability in mind for my upcoming training.”

Immediately after the 2012 Regionals, Meredith took on a greater role at his affiliate, something he looks at with the twinge of regret.

“After Regionals was over, I took on a larger workload at my own box and that definitely impacted my recovery from the training sessions.”

He's vowed that this year will be different.

“As far as changes go, I’ll be taking the smaller things more seriously. Sleep, mobility, diet and stress management are huge parts of training at such an elite level. It’s not enough to show up at the gym and give 100 percent every day. You need to recover 100 percent, as well.”

Meredith is sticking with his coach from 2012, Cam Birtwell.

“He did a fantastic job getting me ready for Regionals and the Games last year, and I trust he can do it again.”

Meredith does not place any blame on Birtwell for his shortcomings. He has taken full ownership.

“It’s the things that I am responsible for as an athlete, and coaches have no control over, that make the difference between doing well at Regionals and doing well (in) Carson.”

Meredith also knows he can't take a spot at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games for granted.

“I think the Canada West Region is getting tougher and tougher. You can’t look past Regionals and to the CrossFit Games,” he says. 

He hopes his focus on recovery and readiness will help him continue his success in Canada West.