March 5, 2016
How to Custom Leaderboard
By Rory Mckernan


Winning the Open takes tireless sacrifice, relentless dedication and a singular, inescapable, succeed-or-die focus.

Me? I’m not about that life. I’ve got two kids, a demanding job and a sporadic thirst that only a can with blue mountains can quench.

Accepting that my role after March 28 is focused exclusively on being the best fan of the CrossFit Games that I can be doesn’t make the five weeks that I am an athlete any less interesting or satisfying. In fact, quite the opposite holds true.

My training gets a massive kick in the ass, and my scores are recorded, cataloged and compared with every athlete on the planet. Perhaps most importantly, I get the five purest doses of intensity, that most critical element of fitness, of my calendar year.

I am still a competitive person (see Boz vs. Ro), and I very much enjoy seeing where I stack up. When I’m not making finger paintings with Boz’s blood I use the Custom Leaderboard to see how I compare to the groups that matter most to me.

The Custom Leaderboard lets you create a Leaderboard with your friends, idols, or whole categories of strangers. Choose whoever you wish to measure yourself against.

Only care about other 48-year-old women from British Columbia, Canada? We’ve got you covered. If you’re a fire breathing regional hopeful in your second year of CrossFit, fill your Custom Leaderboard with the top-20 finishers in your region from last year and keep tabs on them.

Looking for a match? Set up your Leaderboard for your state, target age group and preferred gender, and see which fit individual will be blessed with a private message from you!

How to Start

1. Go to

2. Click the gray Leaderboard tab.

3. Select “Custom Leaderboard.”

4. Login.

4. Start building.

Anyone signed up for the Open is fair game here. Compete with your buddy’s 14-year-old kid or the Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir. If they’re in the system, they can be on your Custom Leaderboard.

You can see by my Custom Leaderboard, Kitten Swole, that I'm interested in finding out where I stack up against women aged 40 -100. Additionally, all of California, Rich Froning’s team CrossFit Mayhem, Fittest Man on Earth Ben Smith, and Boz.

Make one or make one hundred.

The Custom Leaderboard is shareable via social media so that you can celebrate your accomplishments, humiliate your opponents, or both!

Ro vs. World

Ro vs. Boz

Ro vs. Central East Men

Ro vs. Team CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

Ro vs. 48-year-old British Columbian Women