The Fittest on Earth in the Age-Group and Adaptive Divisions

August 3, 2023


The Fittest on Earth in the age-group and adaptive divisions have been crowned. 

The Fittest on Earth in the age-group and adaptive divisions have been crowned. 

Over the last three days of competition, athletes have taken on eight tests in the 2023 CrossFit Games at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Athletes who made it to the Games fought hard through the initial stages of competition and their season is now complete. 

Congratulations to the Fittest on Earth. 

Age-Group Winners 

Boys 14-15 podium, 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games
Lincoln LaFaver, Jeremie Jourdan, and Pau Martin Tiers // Boys 14-15

Boys 14-15

Jeremie Jourdan, 15, won the Boys 14-15 division. The 15-year-old is a member of CrossFit Turlock in Northern California.

Girls 14-15 podium, 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games
Miley Wade, María Granizo, and Mira Varga // Girls 14-15

Girls 14-15

María Granizo of Guatemala won the Girls 14-15 division. The 15-year-old won four of the eight tests in Madison.

Boys 16-17 podium, 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games
Hugo Jansson, Ty Jenkins, and RJ Mestre // Boys 16-17

Boys 16-17

Ty Jenkins, 17, won the Boys 16-17 division. The 17-year-old has competed at the Games three times, taking home the gold each time. This year’s win ties him with Dallin Pepper as the only teenagers to win three Games championships. 

Girls 16-17 podium, 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games
Trista Smith, Lucy McGonigle, and Bergrós Björnsdóttir // Girls 16-17

Girls 16-17

Defending champion Lucy McGonigle of Ireland won the Girls 16-17 division this year. McGonigle, 16, has competed at the Games for the last three years, earning a second place in 2021 and a first place in 2022. 

Men 35-39
Ioannis Papadopoulos, Sam Dancer, and Bryan Wong // Men 35-39

Men 35-39

Thirty-six-year-old Sam Dancer won the Men’s 35-39 division after earning three test wins throughout the competition. The former team and individual athlete has competed at the Games five times and earned his third career CrossFit Games medal this week (he has two team silver medals).  

35-39 women's podium
Stacie Tovar, Laurie Clement, and Colette Casey // Women 35-39

Women 35-39

Laurie Clement, 36, won the Women’s 35-39 division in her first CrossFit Games appearance. Prior to competing in the age-group division, Clement was a Semifinal competitor with team CrossFit Caen.

Men 40-44
Michael Laverriere, Rudolph Berger, and Bruno Militao // Men 40-44

Men 40-44

Rudolph Berger took home the gold in the Men’s 40-44 division. The 41-year-old also won the division in 2022 and has been doing CrossFit for eight years. 

Women 40-44
Andrea Pinheiro, Samantha Briggs, and Jenn Ryan // Women 40-44

Women 40-44

The highly anticipated return of “The Engine” Samantha Briggs lived up to the hype as Briggs dominated the division and earned the win in the Women’s 40-44 division. The 41-year-old is a former Fittest Woman on Earth (2013) and a firefighter. 

Vlad Liashkevich, Jason Grubb, and Christopher Anderson // Men 45-49
Vlad Liashkevich, Jason Grubb, and Christopher Anderson // Men 45-49

Men 45-49

Jason Grubb earned his fourth consecutive championship and fifth-straight podium finish at the Games this week. The 47-year-old is a father of four and earned three test wins this week. 

Women 45-49
Amy Chapoton, Kelly Friel, and Carolina Gutierrez // Women's 45-49

Women 45-49

Kelly Friel added a third consecutive victory and fifth-straight podium finish to her CrossFit Games resume on Thursday while her daughter and friends watched and cheered enthusiastically from the stands. The 45-year-old has competed at the Games five times. 

Men 50-54
Sean Patrick, Artur Komorowski, and Jason Leeves // Men 50-54

Men 50-54

Artur Komorowski of Poland is the winner in the Men’s 50-54 division. The 50-year-old didn’t take home any test wins until Final Positions, the last test of the competition. Komorowski never finished lower than fifth place in any test. 

Women 50-54
Nicole Abbott, Cheryl Brost, and Nathalie Connors // Women 50-54

Women 50-54

Cheryl Brost is a repeat champion in the age-group division. The 52-year-old is a three-time individual competitor and seven-time age-group athlete. Brost won four of the eight tests this year. 

Men 55-59
John Kim, Kevin Koester, and Ryan Joe Hamby // Men's 55-59

Men 55-59

Kevin Koester, 56, is the champion of the Men’s 55-59 division. Koester has competed at the Games four times and won every year.

Women 55-59
Shanna Bunce, Leka Fineman, and Laurie Meschischnick // Women 55-59

Women 55-59

Leka Fineman, 56, took home the gold in the Women’s 55-59 division. Fineman won two tests throughout the competition and never finished lower than ninth. Fineman is a health, fitness, and mindset coach in Northern California. 

Men 60-64
Tom Fameree, Stuart Swanson, and Eric Cohen // Men 60-64

Men 60-64

Stuart Swanson, 60, is the champion of the Men’s 60-64 division at this year’s Games. Despite earning no test wins, Swanson put up a consistent performance in Madison this year, never finishing lower than seventh and placing in the top three in six out of eight tests. 

Women 60-64
Betsy Vanderburgh, Susan Clarke, and Patricia McGill // Women 60-64

Women 60-64

Susan Clarke is the women’s winner in the 60-64 division. The 64-year-old has competed at the Games six times and won just as many. When she finished the final event, Clarke tracked down her people in the stands and made sure to hug each of them.

65+ Men
David Hippensteel, Daniel Miller, and Tom Muhlbeier // Men 65+

Men 65+

Daniel Miller is the 2023 CrossFit Games champion in the Men’s 65+ division. Miller, 66, won three of the eight tests and never finished lower than seventh. A grandfather of five, Miller says CrossFit keeps him in shape and allows him to keep up with his grandkids. 

Women 65+
Dava Jensen, Julie Holt, and Pauline Sciascia // Women 65+

Women 65+

Julie Holt is the champion in the Women’s 65+ division. The 66-year-old is a former collegiate basketball player and won four of the eight tests.

Adaptive Winners

Men's Upper-Extremity Podium
Alexis Fiorucci, Casey Acree, and Xabier Osa Mendes // Men's Upper Extremity

Men’s Upper Extremity

Casey Acree, 30, swept the competition in the Men’s Upper-Extremity division, taking the win in all eight tests. This is Acree’s third consecutive championship in the division.

Upper Extremity Women
Anne-Laure Coutenceau, Christina Mazzullo, and Elaine De Rocco // Women's Upper Extremity

Women’s Upper Extremity

Christina Mazzullo won the Women’s Upper-Extremity division. The 42-year-old won five of the eight tests and never placed lower than third in any test. 

Men's Lower Extremity
Charles Pienaar, Rogan Dean, and Hildon Carvalho // Men's Lower Extremity

Men’s Lower Extremity 

Rogan Dean won the Men’s Lower-Extremity division. The 31-year-old New Zealander is a two-time Games athlete and won four of the eight tests this week.

Women's Lower Extremity
Valerie Cohen, Bayleigh Hooper, and Molly Moore // Women's Lower Extremity

Women’s Lower Extremity 

Valerie Cohen won the Women’s Lower-Extremity division after winning four of the eight tests. The 29-year-old has been to the Games three times and has as many gold medals. 

Men's Multi-Extremity
James Brown, Chris Rhyme, and Mijail Pedrini // Men's Multi-Extremity

Men’s Multi-Extremity 

Chris Rhyme won the Men’s Multi-Extremity division after winning four of the eight tests and never finishing outside of the top four. This was Rhyme’s Games debut.

Multi-extremity women
Amea Reyna, Noelle Henderson, and Jordan Ingalsbe // Women's Multi-Extremity

Women’s Multi-Extremity

Noelle Henderson, 37, took home the gold for the Women’s Multi-Extremity division. Henderson won five tests during the competition and never finished lower than fourth.