July 15, 2012
Double Banger Announced for Sunday Morning
By CrossFit

New movement and equipment announced for the Sunday morning Individual Event.

Individual athletes gathered in the Stadium as Rogue crews were setting up strange equipment. Dave Castro invited UFC Fighter Jason  MacDonald to demo Sunday morning Event, dubbed the Double Banger. The crowd cheered as they saw MacDonald walk out onto the Stadium carrying a sledgehammer.

Castro explained that athletes will tackle double-unders and driving a heavy weight on a sliding track. 

There are three tracks and each competitor will drive the weight on a low track, then through their legs on a higher track, and again on a higher track. 

It all start with women at 11 a.m., PT in the Stadium. Only the top 18 athletes will move on to the Final. 

Sunday Morning

Double Banger 
Points Available: 100
Location: Stadium
Sunday 11:00-12:10

For time:
50 Double-unders
Low banger
50 Double-unders
Down banger
50 Double-unders
Mid banger

Time Cap: 9 minutes

The top 18 athletes overall after this Event will move on to the next Event.