CrossFit Licensed Events 

March 15, 2022


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CrossFit competitions are always a celebration of fitness. They are a way for the community to get involved with the competitive side of CrossFit and test their fitness against athletes locally or around the world.  

And now there are plenty of opportunities to compete beyond the road to the CrossFit Games finals. CrossFit Licensed Events provide athletes a chance to compete in the sport outside of the CrossFit Games season, and they take place all across the world, from Tampa, Florida, to Athens, Greece. 

Upholding the Standards of an Official CrossFit Competition 

All licensed events move through an application process and, if approved, receive an official designation issued by CrossFit, LLC, which approaches and licenses local CrossFit competitions internationally. All Licensed Events move through an application process and are under obligation to run a safe and efficient event. 

For an event to become a CrossFit Licensed Event, the event organizer or designated programmer must be a current CrossFit Level 1 Certificate holder and have an affiliated gym (or sponsored by an Affiliate). 

Dubai CrossFit Championship

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How Are CrossFit Licensed Events Different From CrossFit Games Season Events?

CrossFit Licensed Events, while outside of the regular CrossFit Games season, do not act as qualifiers for the CrossFit Games. The events provide athletes a chance to compete in CrossFit outside of the regular season.

View the complete list of CrossFit events, including in-season events and CrossFit Licensed Events, here. This page will be updated as more licensed events are added. 

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