Armed and Ready: Albert-Dominic Larouche

February 1, 2013

Lisa Zane

"I always wanted to, and still want, to win the Games. Otherwise I wouldn't be competing."

After finishing 25th at the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, Albert-Dominic Larouche went home to Quebec and became a police officer. Feeling as if he'd proven himself after winning an event, Larouche was inspired to train harder than ever, but wasn't sure if the demands of his new career would be overwhelming.

Larouche graduated from police school one week before winning the 2012 Canada East Regional in May. He’s been on patrol for almost six months, and says he has been able to balance work and training.

“Honestly, I don’t really see a difference in my training,” he says. “I have enough free time to train like I want to.”

Larouche says joining the police force has been a long-time dream.

“It came true, so I live a dream every day I get into a patrol car with my partner,” he says. “CrossFit has helped me on my path to becoming a police officer — on the physical level and in terms of stress management and discipline.”

He has added more volume to his training compared to previous years. He has stuck to his game plan in terms of programming.

“Offseason, I plan my own workouts, and when the Games season begins, I have a coach who takes care of my programming,” he says. “I also continue to train in group classes at CrossFit Chambly a few times a week, and on the side, I do my own training. It’s important to me because since I started CrossFit, it’s been an aspect that I love — the group training and camaraderie.”

Larouche feels prepared as the Open approaches.

“I continue to improve day after day and I think it’s fantastic — even after three years of CrossFit, I continue to get better,” he says. “I try to improve every small detail of my training, day after day.”

With his shift in priorities to his career, Larouche is appreciative of the time he has to train.

“Police work made me realize that, for me, real life doesn’t only consist of training and being a CrossFit athlete, (but) rather, helping people day after day. I am proud of that.”

Now, he's attempting to make his third appearance at the Games.

“I always wanted to, and still want to, win the Games. Otherwise I wouldn’t be competing,” he says.

“I hope for nothing else than a surprise — I think that Dave Castro excels in this category. I like to get out of my comfort zone and prove to myself that I am able to do anything.”