Applications Open for New Divisional Athlete Committees

May 26, 2022

Melissa Yinger

CrossFit is currently accepting applications for five new Divisional Athlete Committees (DAC) that will contribute to planning conversations for every stage of the CrossFit Games season.

CrossFit is currently accepting applications for five new Divisional Athlete Committees (DAC) — five groups of five athletes who will represent their competitive division in planning conversations for every stage of the CrossFit Games season. Additionally, DAC representatives will contribute to discussions about the overall season format for 2023 and new initiatives related to the sport.

The new committees will represent individual, team, teenage, masters, and adaptive athletes. The strongest applicants will be those athletes or coaches who have a deep understanding of the athlete experience in their division, the ability to work collaboratively within a small and large group, and a passion for working together to drive the sport forward. 

DAC representatives will meet with the CrossFit competition teams on a regular monthly cadence and as needs arise. 

Applications for this season will close June 12, 2022.


In 2020, CrossFit created the Athlete Advisory Council (AAC), a board of current and former CrossFit Games athletes who give insight and input on a wide range of issues affecting the sport. During the same year, a group of athletes created the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association (PFAA), an independent nonprofit that “acts on behalf of all athletes competing at functional fitness competitions.” The frequency and scope of CrossFit's conversations with both groups has increased with each season.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the Athlete Advisory Council over the past year,” said current AAC member Stacie Tovar. 

As a longtime CrossFit Games athlete, coach, and affiliate owner, Tovar has played many meaningful roles in the CrossFit space, and the AAC is one more way she has extended her leadership in the community. 

CrossFit Director of Sports Operations Heather Lawrence explained the DAC likewise offers "an opportunity for athletes to expand their knowledge of our sport ecosystem, learn from each other, and continue to develop as leaders.”

Tovar sees similar opportunities in the new DAC roles: “CrossFit needs a global representation and welcomes any and all feedback,” she said. “This is the perfect opportunity to voice your opinions, help contribute to enhancing the Games season, and promote positive change within the sport.”

In an interview on the CrossFit Games Podcast, CrossFit GM of Sport Justin Bergh outlined how the DAC fits within the larger communications strategy for the competition team. 

The new DAC is “a continuation of something that’s really important to our team, which is that we continue to get quality feedback — and in a timely way so that we can execute it — from athlete groups,” Bergh said.

Working in collaboration with affiliates, event organizers, and partners as well as the DAC, AAC, and PFAA, CrossFit plans to announce details of the 2023 season earlier than ever before.

As CrossFit plans for 2023 and beyond, Bergh emphasized the importance of “making sure that we’re listening to voices from other divisions that typically haven’t had the same share of voice.” The DAC will support this effort by ensuring representation from across CrossFit’s divisions.

Bergh also noted he hopes those with “the most constructive and most challenging voices” will apply.



Looking for a full-time role in CrossFit communications? CrossFit is looking to hire an Athlete Communications Manager. The Athlete Communications Manager will be responsible for communicating with and supporting athletes throughout the year and on site during the CrossFit Games.