January 11, 2012
Amy Dracup was on a Boat
By CrossFit

Before CrossFit, Amy Dracup was on a boat. Literally. She was a traveling personal trainer to a businessman and his wife while they traveled around the world on a yacht. 

“We traveled by super yacht around the Mediterranean. Italy, Spain, France … we swung kettlebells in Cannes, did stair runs in Capri, and ran the Cinque Terre,” she said. “It was a great way to see the world.” 

After stepping off the boat back at home in Australia, Dracup went on to win the Open, win herRegional, and is going to the Games

Dracup started CrossFit in September of 2008. “After 10 sessions, I was teaching classes and getting certified as a Level 1 coach,” she said. 

Just six months later, she was registered for the Australia/New Zealand Regional in spring of 2009. She placed 5th. “I loved the competition aspect of CrossFit.” 

After placing 1st at the 2011 Australia Regional, Dracup said she was really happy with her performance. “I feel like my coach’s programming and preparation leading into the Regional was exactly what I needed to be prepared. I felt like it was my year this time around.” 

That it was. Dracup follows her coach’s, Benji Schwartz of Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne, programming and her training partner is Chris Hogan. In a typical week, Dracup will do a strength and met con six days a week, with extra running, rowing, and skill work on her own time. “I have one full rest day a week. Occasionally, I will put two days programming into one and have another lighter day,” she said. “I try to mix up indoor and outdoor workouts and also the time of day that I train.”

During the Open, athletes at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne only had one chance at the weekly workouts, so as not to interfere with Games preparation or the mental game. Dracup said it helped train her mind to think she only had one shot at every workout. “This worked for me and I really enjoyed the process. At Regionals, I felt fresh and ready.” 

When Dracup is not training at CrossFit Melbourne, she’s training and coaching at her garage gym while her two French bulldogs, Cooper and Echo, cheer her on. “Every gym should have a dog.”

Dracup will continue to compete and CrossFit due to how it has affected her life overall. “CrossFit just clicked with me. It has given me a fantastic group of friends, a coaching career, and my fiancé Bjorn. CrossFit has changed my life.”