February 21, 2012
Adriana Grassi Mosley Achieves a Dream
By Ben O'Grady

Imagine qualifying for the CrossFit Games and then being told by a doctor you needed surgery and could never compete again. 

That’s what happened to Adriana Grassi-Mosley, co-owner of CrossFit Hardcore and individual 2008 CrossFit Games competitor. She was involved in an accident in 2005, long before she started CrossFit, and the injury slowly degenerated. 
In 2009, Adriana qualified for the Games by placing 4th at the South East Regional. After the competition, she was taken to the hospital due to searing pain.
“I couldn't even take my shirt off, the pain and tingling in my arms was so bad,” Grassi-Mosley says
The diagnosis: hernias in her C4 and C5 and bulging discs in C5 and C6 that were pressing on her spinal cord. On top of that, the MRI found a labrum tear in her left shoulder and bone spurs, tendinitis, and bursitis in her right shoulder.
Her season was over. The neurologist also recommended she never compete again because it could lead to paralysis. It was the worst news for any athlete to hear, and Grassi-Mosley was crushed.  
Fast forward to 2011. By taking a year off, undergoing therapy, and carefully monitoring her workouts, Grassi-Mosley was slowly able to get back into a routine. She hoped to participate on the CrossFit Hardcore affiliate team at the South East Regional. Going back to the Games was still a dream. 

During the Open, she was experiencing pain and the real possibility that she would have to drop out hung over her. Team Hardcore’s chances were in jeopardy.
Enter Todd Collura, a certified specialist of Muscle Activation Technique (MAT). In Grassi-Mosley’s opinion, “he truly helped us with our recovery time and keeping us sharp during competition. We qualified 10th at the Games and I am honestly so happy about it. I went from the doctor telling me I will never CrossFit again to the world championships with the best teammates ever. I have been truly blessed.”
CrossFit Hardcore won the 2011 South East Regional and placed 10th at the CrossFit Games.
Team Hardcore is stepping up its training and getting ready for the 2012 Open with Grassi-Mosley contributing every step of the way. Their goal: win the region again and earn a podium spot at the CrossFit Games.