November 3, 2017
2017 Invitational Events Released
By CrossFit
Dave Castro announces Invitational events. 
Dave Castro announces Invitational events. 

The fittest athletes from the Canada, Europe, USA and Pacific Teams gathered in Melbourne, Australia, to learn their fate in this year's Invitational competition. Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro had a couple of announcements for the eager athletes, including the competition schedule and number of events. 

This year's Invitational will consist of five events across the two-hour competition. Event 1 was released on Friday night by the Yarra River in Melbourne, and Castro hinted at what's to come.

“So tomorrow, when we go to the venue, we’ll have a couple more surprises to show you guys," Castro said. "I’m really excited about some of the things I’m going to show you tomorrow.” He also mentioned some big changes to the 2018 season, of which we'll hear more about after the Invitational during the Cool Down Show.

All the action will stream live on Additional coverage will also be available on the CrossFit Games Facebook and CrossFit Games Instagram pages throughout the weekend. Find your time zone schedule here.

Event 1

For time:
40 rope climbs, total
35/20-cal. row, each
30/20-cal. Assault bike, each
30 Worm cleans, total

Each team will have 2 ropes and will work through the climbs as MF pairs. Each pair will complete a total of 20 climbs (40 total). The team members then will move to the rowers and the Assault bikes, occupying the equipment however they choose. Each man must row 35 calories and bike 30 calories. Each woman must row 20 calories and bike 20 calories. Athletes may not switch machines until all 4 athletes have finished the first set of calories. At the final station, teams will complete 30 Worm cleans, advancing forward every 6 reps.

Time cap: 15 minutes

Event 2 

For time:
Handstand-walk course

Athletes will progress through the handstand-walk course one at a time. Each athlete will have 2 minutes to complete the course, and there will be a 2-minute rest between each athlete. The course is divided into 4 sections. If an athlete comes down from their hands in the middle of any section, they must return to the beginning of that section. The team’s score will be the sum of each athlete’s time to complete the course. If any athlete fails to complete the course, they will be given a score of the time cap, plus a penalty.

Time cap: 2 minutes per athlete

Event 3

6 rounds for time of:
4 synchro bar muscle-ups
8 synchro hang power snatches, 135/85 lb.

All exercises in this event must be synchronized. In the bar muscle-ups, all four members must be locked out at the top of the bar at the same time. In the snatch, all four members must have the barbell locked out overhead at the same time. The four barbells will be moved forward after completing the snatches.

Time cap: 8 minutes

Event 4 

Max-reps tire flips in 2 minutes.

From 0:00-1:00 partners must alternate each flip
From 1:00-2:00 partners may flip in any order

Teams will work as MM and FF pairs, with each pair having their own tire. Men will have 2 minutes to work. Then the women will have 2 minutes to work.

Time cap: 2 minutes per pair

Event 5 

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Worm thrusters
Synchro burpees over the worm

Teams must move the Worm forward after each exercise. For the synchronized burpees, all four athlete’s chests must be in contact with the floor at the same time.

Time cap: 10 minutes


Teams will compete in five events. The first four events will be worth up to 6 points (6, 4, 2, 0 points for first, second, third and fourth place, respectively) while the fifth event will be worth up to 8 points (8, 5, 2, 0 points for first, second, third and fourth place, respectively). The team with the most points will be the winner.

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