Individual Quarterfinals: Cutlines for Qualification

March 30, 2021

In order to advance to the Semifinal events, individual athletes must compete in an online qualifier competition immediately following the Open. This online competition will be known as the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals, or “Quarterfinals” for short. 

Individual athletes on each continent will be eligible to advance to the Quarterfinals, where they will complete a series of events over the course of one weekend, Thursday through Monday.

Based on Open rank by continent, individual men and women in the top 10%* on each continent are eligible to participate in the Quarterfinals.

Learn more about the Quarterfinals here.

Quarterfinals Cutlines for Qualification

In order to advance to quarterfinals, you must place at or higher than the placements below. (For example, you must be 2,344th or high among European women to advance to Quarterfinals.) 

Continent Women - Top 10% Cutline  Men - Top 10% Cutline
Africa 302nd place 437th place
Asia 418th place 828th place
Europe 2344th place  3594th place
North America 6594th place 7410th place
Oceania 898th place 997th place
South America 474th place 725th place 


*Percentages will be based on the number of athletes registered per continent at the close of 21.1.

Check your ranking here (Women / Men). Select your continent from the pull-down menu before searching for your name.

Open scores will be verified by Monday, April 5. Invites will be sent out via email on that day. The workouts then will be announced and competition begins on Thursday, April 8. Stay tuned.

Individual Cutlines for Quarterfinals